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She's Taking Cock

Kimberly is a bewitching, young, tattooed and pierced, raven haired temptress, with a smokin hot T&A body, who is searching, with her step father, for a lost present, to bring to a party, when they discover a bizarre, miniature, rocking chair, dildo contraption, inflaming her debauched curiosity, as she tries it out. Watching her, on this perverse apparatus, arouses his baser nature, which she takes full advantage of, ravenously sucking, his horse cock, with sluttish gluttony, glee, and gusto. He then, ardently pounds, it into her, in doggie, making her moan and yelp, like a bitch in heat. She then, savors sucking her slut sauce, from his dork, while wantonly riding, the dildo rocker, before resuming her vehement doggie pounding. Once in missionary, he vividly plows his titanic tool, into her bald pussy, moaning and wailing, in libidinous exultation. Rolling into spoon, he passionately drills his donkey dick, into her, as she moans and cries out, ecstatically. Then, she ferociously slams, her voracious cunt, onto him, with fiery, feral, fervor, moaning and shrieking, in sluttish jubilation. She continues, her wild ride, in cowgirl, her fabulous, fine, firm, round ass, frantically humping him, while she moans and screeches, with unbridled primal passions. She then, uses a monster vibrator, on her clit, while sucking his dinosaur dick, that fires a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, and all over her face, as she greedily uses the vibrator, to satiate her orgasmic hunger.

Length: 34 Minutes Pics: 62