Put A Big Dick In Her

Selma Sins

Selma, is an adorably, young, Latin heartthrob, with a delectable, toned, taut body, who is crushed, to learn, that her man, is dumping her, for a big titted, blonde bimbo. Legendary cocksman, Evan Stone, portrays her caring step father, who tries to assuage her insecurities, by convincing her, that she is a beautiful, and desirable, young woman, but she wants him to prove it, by putting his cock, where her mouth is. She sensually, savors sucking, his demon cock, with , epicurean glee and gusto, then, moves into a 69, as Evan’s talented tongue, adroitly licks her pink taco, eliciting her euphoric moans. Then, mounted on his ivory tower of power, in cowgirl, her cute little brown ass, zealously humps him, moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. After sucking, her juice, off his dick, she resumes her wanton ride, in reverse cowgirl, frenziedly slamming her bald cunt, crowned with a furry soul patch, onto his obelisk of lust, moaning and wailing, with unbridled primal passions. Moving into spoon, he vehemently drills his demon dick, into this hot tamale, with brutish verve and vigor, while she moans and howls, ecstatically, as a torrent of screaming, exorcism worthy orgasms burst forth. Once in doggie, he barbarically pounds his demon dick, into her, as she moans and yelps, in rapture, while screaming, orgasmic tsunamis, engulf her. He then, showers her, with a monsoon of creamy cum, all over her belly, leaving her, with beaming glazed self confidence.

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